The Gong Time for Gedik Trader

Gedik Investment has launched Gedik Trader, the first real-time personal investor in Turkey to offer buy&sell and portfolio proposals according to the portfolios of private investors.

In the stock exchange Istanbul, gong is used for Gedik Investment. The gong ceremony for the launch of Gedik Trader, the new transaction platform of Gedik Investment, was attended by Gedik Investment Chairman Onur Topaç, Gedik Investment General Manager Metin Ayışık and Borsa Istanbul General Manager Assistant Şenol Duman.

Gedik Investment Chairman Topaç stated that Gedik Trader application will make the investment easier, faster and safer by combining finance, technology and internet speed. He said that "Gedik Trader is fast and simply accessible with easy to use fronts presented by Gedik Trader. It will now be possible to track the financing and capital markets of a much larger number of investors."


Emphasizing that Gedik Trader is the product of a long and meticulous work, Topaç noted that the app was developed as a serious laborer of one year with the addition of the features that provide investors convenience.

Topaç stated that they are aiming to release a new version every month until the end of the year with new features to be determined according to investor requests in the following period.

The application is aiming to make all people be part of the finance by preventing the public fear against stock market with ease of use. The portfolios of important investors will gain people a new perspective against finance.

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