The First Step Was Taken To Demolish Akm

The AKM has been restored for the past 9 years and has been left to decay without even breaking the nails. The demolition of the historic cultural center has often come to the fore. The latest President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced on 12th of June 2017 that he would "break down AKM and replace it with a new and grand opera house" in the iftar program.


The Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality also took the first step on the demolition of AKM by taking a noticeable allocation decision in June. The land of 20 thousand square meters consisting of 4 plots surrounding AKM in Taksim Gümüşsuyu, which is owned by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, was allocated to the Ministry of Culture and Tourism free of charge for 2 years. The AKM Directorate and the parking lot are located on the allocated land. The plot is marked as "park and footpath" in the development plan. Parcels, which have been owned by the IMM since 1940, are now being used as parking lots.


Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality authorities, members of the Law Commission said that the allocation was made "to be necessary during construction operations". The demolition will be done by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism.


The new opera house to be built in place of the Ataturk Cultural Center is planned to be completed within 2 years. Parcels surrounding the Atatürk Cultural Center were given to the Ministry of Culture and Tourism in order to be used during demolition and construction.

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