The first city hospital of Turkey has been completed!

The construction of Turkey’s first city hospital has been completed. The people who live Yozgat service hospital opened. All the patients in Yozgat State Hospital were transferred to the new hospital with ambulances. In addition, 17 doctors and 51 nurses were assigned to the hospital. President Erdogan, emphasizing the importance of city hospitals, “my dream for 14 years.” he said.




Yozgat City Hospital, which is the province of the Ministry of Health’s city hospitals projects, is starting to accept patients. The official opening of the Yozgat City Hospital, which is held on Monday (January 16th), will be announced formal opening date, at later days.

Yozgat Public Hospitals Association Secretary General Op.Dr. Ismail Kurca explains, “We are excited that Yozgat City Hospital is among the first city hospitals to be opened in our country. Yozgat City Hospital; 61 intensive care beds, 13 special detention beds, 18 operating rooms, 113 policlinic examination rooms, 43 policlinic support rooms, 2 suite rooms and bathrooms in all patient rooms, bathrooms and toilets increased in service capacity not only in Yozgat,” said.

President said, ’14 years of dream ‘In October 2016, he made a statement about city hospitals. President Erdogan said that the 21th city hospitals were being held, “City hospitals are my dream for 14 year old. It was not an easy process at all. There were also people who did not believe. He finally entered the road. “

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