The Districts That Earn The Most In The Residence

The time to "depreciate" the value of housing in Istanbul varies according to the provinces, with the shortest average being 10.9 years with Beyoğlu, 11,8 years with Eyüp and 13,9 years with Küçükçekmece. In the longest period of time, the rents of the house with its rental income are 26.1 years with Bakırköy, 26 years with Beşiktaş and 25.20 years with Beykoz.


According to the information obtained from the related report of the information company REIDIN, which researches and reports on real estate, the periods of housing depreciation in Istanbul vary according to the provinces.

As the shortening of the amortization time varies between the cities, the ranking can change from time to time.

According to recent researches, Istanbul is at the beginning of the shortest duration of depreciation, paying itself with rental income at the earliest time, with 10,9 years coming from Beyoglu.


Beyoğlu district is followed by Eyüp with an average of 11,8 years. It is seen that the period of amortization is 13,9 years in Küçükçekmece, 14 years in Esenyurt and 14,22 years in Bağcılar.


One of the results of the research is that the duration of amortization is long in historical and central districts … 35 of the 39 provinces of Istanbul are over 15 years in amortization time.


The amortization period was 15.5 years in Ataşehir, with Zeytinburnu with 15,7, Şişli with 16,9, Bayrampaşa and Avcılar with 17,1, Fatih and Beylikdüz with 17,2, Bahçelievler with 17,8, 17,3 Sancaktepe, Güngören and Gaziosmanpaşa, Kartal and Kağıthane with 18, Pendik with 18,06, Sultanbeyli with 18,1, Şile with 18,5, Esenler with 18,7, Maltepe with 19 and Tuzla with 19,5 years.

Bakırköy and Besiktas come at the top of the rents paid by housing for the longest period of time. While the duration of amortization in Bakırköy is 26.1, it is seen that this employee is 26 in Beşiktaş, 25.9 in Kadıköy and 25.20 years in Beykoz.



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