The Decrease In Istanbul Stock Echange is Close To 1 Percent

Borsa Istanbul (BIST) 100 index, which was above 79500 with some reactionary buying, could not sustain its rise. The BIST 100, which has been following a horizontal course over 79,000, completed 723,60 points with 78304.21 points (0.92%) with the sales coming to closing.

The transaction volume was 3.874.256.193.

The Stock Exchange Istanbul has risen to some extent due to the effect of the outlook on alternative markets.

While the Bank of England (BoE) did not make any such changes as expected at the interest rates, the announcements of BoE Chairman Mark Carney were followed at the markets and the course of oil prices was followed by US data.

It was observed that the news of the explosion that broke out in ─░stanbul towards the closing caused the sales pressure on the Stock Exchange Istanbul.

The new term starts today in stock exchange Istanbul. Today, BISTECH, a new order processing system that will be commissioned, will be commissioned in stock market, trading system and clearing system in the first place. The most important development that investors are interested in in the new period is the one-session application and the margin at the ceiling and base prices are 20 percent.


Transition in Fast Risks

On the other hand, if certain thresholds are exceeded in the transaction prices (Ceiling-Feather prices are thresholder), the relevant continuous process will be stopped temporarily and taken to the order collection session to start the application of circuit breaker transactions.

You Will Much More Operation at the Near Operative Market

In addition, the new market structure will be over. The name of the detention market will be changed to the Close Monitoring Market. Transactions will continue throughout the day. Buy-Sell transactions in the Close Monitoring Market will take place five times at 09:30, 12:25, 13:25, 17:25, and 17:35. It had only happened twice a day before.

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