The Contaminants Would Not Be Thrown Away On The Sector Of Construction

The sector of construction entered on circular economy. The technology of recycling  is used up and then other substances of products are transformed. In Europe building sector, two tons of contaminates are extracted each year. Alenka, who directs the project named as ‘Life Again’, explains that functions on both the construction and the engineering change and 70 %of many contaminate and the rubbishes could be recycled.

In a region, which is on the south west of Maribor, contaminants are continued to be recycled for the usage again, thus it has been an important sample for circular economy.


An engineer, Mitja Strajnar explains says that all the concrete substances will be built up again. Besides, he expresses that steels will be basic materials of other substances. Therefore, all the concretes and steels will be recycled again.

Well, which contaminants exactly could be recycled? To what extense recycling is so important? And Is it cheap or expensive to recycle? The project Life Again answers all these questions. Mirko Sprinzer talks to Euronews and he utters:

‘’Style of thinking alters on the base of our experiences and practices. Engineering , industry , services and the direction of water are the same as our experiences. All the researches have enabled engineers on other work places to use all contaminates again, which assist the people to witness the profit from recycling.

There is an important announcement in which the government Slavonia expressed that the number of areas of contaminants has been on decline.

Life is one of the other co operatives of the project Life Again. Life has been known to work on the green life and the change of climate.

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