The Bell Rang in İstanbul Stock Exchange for Mavi

Hereafter We Can Accomplish Major Projects In Short Time

At the ceremony the CEO of Mavi Cüneyt Yavuz who spoke in the name of the company said that they were very glad to be part of İstanbul Stock Excahnge. At his speach he also mentioned that as a retail house they go through difficulties in Turkey and other countries but they succeed against all the odds. Lastly he said that hereafter they can accomplish majör projects in short times and make Mavi a universal brand.


Every Year We Open 25-26 Shops on Abroad

The Ceo of Mavi mentioned that they will keep working and try to do better as much as they can do. He also also said that they have companies in USA, Canada, Netherlands, Germany and Rusia. We are really proud of ourselves. We will do our best to grow abroad. The 20% of our total endorsement is from abroad. We are trying to do retail business in Rusia. We already have 11 companies there and we will try our best to make Mavi a popular brand there and work in busy pace. Lastly he said that every year they open 25-26 new branch of Mavi, last year the total number of branches located abroad was 330 and he wants to increase this number as higher as possible.

The Former CEO of H&M Work With Us

As it is known Mavi is a blooming company across the world. It had needed a international consultative group and opened it in 2016. There are many well known people who take part in it while one of them is the former CEO of H&M who is Fabian Mansonn.




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