The 800-year-old “Church-Mosque of Vefa” Is In Restoration

Also known as Molla Gürani Camii in Turkish, (Mosque of Mullah Gürani, with respect to its architect) the Church-Mosque of Vefa, located in the Süleymaniye neighbourhood of Istanbul's Fatih district, is one of many great cultural treasures in the city. With a little scientific calculation, the structure can be said to be dating back to around 5th century. Recently, the news of its restoration brought new hopes of seeing this revered cultural heritage restored to its formed glory.


Huge Investment Planned

The celebrated restoration process will be conducted using 2,295,750 Turkish Liras (around 580,480 US dollars). Mürsel Sarı, Istanbul Foundations First Provincial District Manager, has announced that the works around the Mosque are going to take around two years to finish.

It Was Left There All Alone

The structure, thought to be one of the primary churches in the Eastern Roman Empire (or the Byzantine Empire), was first converted to a mosque by Mullah Gürani in 1484. He was the mentor of Mehmet the Conqueror, and first mufti of Istanbul. Located in the Vefa vicinity, the church-mosque has been under great duress through the years. It was completely destroyed in the fire of 1833 and several restoration attempts have failed, and it had been left it its own fate for a long time.

It Will Be a Hard Task

Sarı mentioned the hardships of the restoration process and stated that there can always come out unexpected obstacles such as new findings and technical difficulties. Sarı conveyed that in such a situation, planning would again take place, and they would always be extra careful to take all the necessary steps to keep the aesthetic integrity of the structure. Sarı inclined that the 600 days of expected deadline could always be extended as needed.



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