Tenant Rights

Tenant Rights

Urban transformations continue at full speed. Various inquiries continue to be asked by people as urban transformations take place. One of these questions is whether the tenants will be able to claim a right when they leave the demolition house. Property owners value the proposals of pre-conversion contractors, including demolition and reconstruction phases. After the offer, they start their conversion process by making their preferences according to the commitments given in terms of the properties of the new buildings.

This function is not only interested in hosts and contractor . The question "Can a tenant who lives in a demolished house claim a right?" Is among the outstanding topics. The rents of old houses, which are planned to be urban transformation, are low. In this case, the tenant who rents this house has various rights. Rental contracts are being made by the contractor during the construction process to the owners of the renovated apartments in the framework of urban transformation. It's not just rented. This rental allowance is also offered to renovated house owners. In addition to this rental allowance, the contractor also carries out relocation assistance.

The tenant who lives in the building that is demolished due to the risky building decision is given the rent allowance in the amount of two rents. The tenant may have some additional rights if the landlord in which the tenant resides is only subject to a demolition decision for reconstruction purposes. The contract benefits from the relocation assistance while leaving the destroyed building for remodeling purposes. The contract can not go out until the end of the contract, and it can appeal against it. The tenant has the priority of buying from the apartments sold. He can get one of these apartments if he wants.

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