Stock Exchange is a record all time in Istanbul!

In the Stock Exchange Istanbul, the BIST 100 index achieved the highest closing of all time with 94,634.91 points. The BIST 100 index increased by 832.10 points compared to the previous close, while the total transaction volume was realized as 5.1 billion TL. Banking index increased by 0.64 percent and holding index increased by 1.23 percent. Among the sector indexes, mining was the main industry with 2.23 percent, and mining was the most declining 2.95 percent.


The BIST 100 index, which broke the records of the highest levels seen in the closing and yesterday's day, continued to improve its records today. The index finished at 94.634,91 pounds, the highest day in both the day and the date. Analysts noted that after the rapid rises yesterday, profit sales were seen throughout the day, but the bullish trend was maintained by meeting these sales. Analysts say the increased risk appetite in the global markets continues to support the share markets, with the New York stock market rising above 1 percent today He caught the attention of the Nasdaq index on the historical summit.


Analysts said that tomorrow the meeting of the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey (CBRT) Monetary Policy Board (PPK) will be followed, indicating that 95,000 and 97,700 levels of resistance and 92,400 levels of technical BIST 100 index are in support.


Economists surveyed predict that the late liquidity window (GLP) lending rate will remain steady at 13 percent, and 8 out of economists expect a 25-75 basis point increase. The policy rate was 8 percent at the PPK meeting in March, the lower band of the interest rate corridor of 7.25 percent and the upper band of the interest rate corridor of 9.25 percent while the GLP lending rate was raised from 11 percent to 11.75 percent.

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