Starts High-Interest Indented Sales In The Dwelling

Due to the fact that the interest rates on the housing loan have reached the highest level of the last 8.5 years, some construction companies have begun indented sales of houses up to 60 months in advance to keep the market alive.

Due to the summit of the interest rates of the housing loan with the monthly rate of 1.23 percent last 8.5 years and the cost for the people who plan to buy real estate in this frame increases, some construction firms sell the interest-free bills with a maturity up to 60 months in order to sustain the activity in the sector.

Many companies have announced the indented sale for the cash price of their homes due to housing interest rates rising above 1.20 percent and influencing purchasing power.

Erdal Çelebi who is the Chamber of  Bursa Real Estate Advisors said that real estate is among the leading sectors in Turkey.

Çelebi who emphasize that interest rates on housing loans have risen in recent years said that “The people who are producer are obliged to find the market area of themselves, the increase in interest rates, the level of 1.20 makes the sector harder but the measures will also be the dynamics within these sectors. We are making property ownership at cost and we are making this account. In this scope, big companies are trying to maintain continuity by making sales with a bill. People are attracted by this way and people look positively for this plan”

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