Soil Investment Is More Valuable Than Gold Investment

In recent years, Turkey has made a huge development push. Foreign exchange from abroad is of great importance in this development. The Government of the Republic of Turkey has taken special measures in order to provide a continuous flow of foreign exchange. Among these measures, the prominent headlines concern foreign investors. It is possible to sell extremely affordable housing. Now, foreign citizens become tax payers in Turkey without paying taxes. The prominent cities in this regard are Istanbul and Ankara, because they are home to two of Turkey’s most valuable immovable projects. It is a very profitable business to buy and sell real estate investments in Turkey. Legal support is provided for professional investments.


The statistics done in recent years have revealed that real estate investment has gained more than gold investment. In recent years, Turkey has become an ideal living space for people from Arab countries, Europe and the Far East. In this context, the purchased houses are sold in very short time if needed. For this reason private real estate companies in Turkey have gained great success. Moreover, the demand for the sale and purchase of the house has always been demanded, and the housing prices in Turkey have been increased. The most prominent investment vehicle in the recent period is vacant land investments. In other words, the land on which the apartment or workplace is not established has become the most valuable investment instrument. An average increase of 50% is observed for annual gain.

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