Sıx Important Crıterıons By Choosıng A Flat In Order Not To Experıence A Problem

Both lives in Istanbul and habits have been changing. Our expectations from gorgeous city, natural environment and the houses we inhabit are elevated. Therefore, it should be thought twice before making investments for the flats. How should an investment for flats made by transforming all savings into investments? That’s to say, how should an investment made in order not to come across some problems? Six important critical criterions should be assessed before the determination of purchasing a flat.


Are You Really İn The Center Of Istanbul?

Istanbul, which is the city of possessing many songs and poems, is one of the most significant commercial and cultural city in the history of world. Experiencing Istanbul is on the base of inhabitance of the center of this city. When you get out of the house, you should meet historical places, cultural-art and life centers. In addition, you should feel the peaceful atmosphere of silence at home. Living in the center of Istanbul means living in the center of life. Indispensability of a good investment depends upon the dynamism of life in Istanbul.

Transportation Does Not Become A Threat

While planning an investment over the flats, concept of time should be much more important than ever. The productivity in both social life and business life depends upon the time.You should reach everywhere on time. In addition, the minute you lose on traffic jam is valuable for you, so you need this. Therefore, you should reach the metro in just a minute in order not to come across the problems of speed. You will be surprised when you leave the problems stemming from the traffic.


Is Your Flat Nearby İmportant Centers?

The perception of center alters on the base of new investments to Istanbul. For instance, third airport that is to be completed soon, North Marmara Highway change all the perceptions of center of Istanbul. Changing side of Istanbul enables this city to start a new generation. Thus, you should pay attention to closeness to these new centers because you could make some remote places much closer for you. In addition, Inhabitance in these sides provides an advantage for the people changing the continents.

Do You Meet Your Needs Easily?

Living in a center of Istanbul is not limited with social life and business life. Reaching to all the needs in a short time and being close to shopping centers are also privileges. Doing Shopping without getting to much far away enables you not to spend much time on traffic, which helps you to get rid of all the exhaustion in a day.


Blue or Green or Both?

The people complaint about the atmosphere of the darkness, which drives the people to make isolated from social life. Therefore, the people begin to live by missing natural environment comprising of blue and green colors. That’s why, people have negative effects of this flat. However, darkness should give a place for blue sky and green trees by investing for a flat. Such a style of life and the day light not only provides with positive mood but also provides with strong imagination for your younger children.

Does Your Flat Open The Doors For Healthy Life?

Daily work flows, meetings, activities, traffic result in stress. Thus, the people in Istanbul feel themselves much exhausted mentally and physically, which cause the people not to allocate their time on health. That’s why, the advantages presented for health should be taken into account before choice of the place for inhabitance. Living around gyms, the center of fitness and the pools assist you to get rid of exhaustion, which is adequate of preparation for the next days.

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