Silivri Land And Housing Prices

It is one of İstanbul's Silivri district. The rapid rise in population and the industrial area here began to attract investors. Also, new housing projects, universities, highways, land and homes in Silivri, the studies began to be preferred. In a place which is so popular in the last two years housing prices 22 percent, land prices increased 41 percent. This means that land prices in from 80 to 112. In the same way knout prices also increased to 910 from 2,326.


Silivri why advantage?

Its geographical position in Silivri, İstanbul, Thrace and the opening and transportation networks are shifting here, Metrobus investments, real estate prices make a more advantageous than other regions. The prices of industrial land in Silivri, İstanbul is more appropriate than other districts and is becoming more attractive for investment. Best investment property money yetmi is those who can take the land investment.In addition, high-speed railway project in İstanbul-Edirne part and department of İstanbul Trakya of Trakya combo makes this place even more valuable Silivri gate. Silivri – Çerkezköy-Çorlu triangle of railway project, highways and split double roads has become close to İstanbul, Silivri district. 

The population explosion in Silivri

Increase in the number of factories in Silivri, population density and social needs. Population growth is reflected in the price of housing, naturally. Real estate brokers by the observed population will reach 200 thousand living in Silivri.Leading up to Değirmenköy from different regions in Selimpaşa trading opportunities will reveal. Does not meet expected demand as residential growth-intensive regional. Is because although demand in places with dense population of investors because it does not have enough information on the region does not recognize good and an increase in sales. That is the case, though real estate experts seem to think this is the appropriate place to invest in Silivri.

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