Shopping Malls is Supplied By 12.3 Million Square Meters

The scale of shopping mall supply is measured 12.3 million square meters within 405 shopping centers in the first quarter of 2018. The information is gathered by JLL Turkey. In JLL’s report, it is shown that the logistical supply in Kocaeli and İstanbul were around 9.96 million square meters while Class A supply in Istanbul was about 5.3 million square meters and also the number of international guests seems to be rising by 59 percent compared to the prior year.

The investigation report of the JLL Turkiye is published about the office, retail, logistics, tourism sectors. The report is also considered as a reference for many organizations and sectors. The information mentioned in the report shows that there is a numerical increase.

Pop-Up store image is gaining respect

There is an increasing interest in Pop-up stores according to the information giving the research of JLL’s. Numbers indicate the Class A office supply has grown to 5.3-meter square from 4.9 million square meters. The Anatolian side is being preferred mostly, there are still ongoing new office projects which equal to 78 percent of the total office projects. Some of the foreign companies appear to be fancy of ready-made offices in order to get rid of unwanted decoration cost.

The tourism sector is like in the old days

The report shows that the total number of the incoming foreign guests is increased by 59 percent in Istanbul if compared to the last year’s data. Hotel occupancy level is also raised 38 percent.

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