One of the most recognized woman in the history of fashion Diana Vreeland once said “Fashion is part of the daily air and it changes all the time, with all the events. You can even see the approaching of a revolution in clothes. You can see and feel everything in clothes.” Turkey is a proof of this statement.

From the lavish Ottoman kaftans to the modern creations of young designers, Turkish fashion has traveled far and changed greatly over the course of the centuries, so it’s not a surprise that people in Turkey really care about what they wear. Even though Turkey is known for its travel destinations like Istanbul or Antalya, and cultural foods like baklava and kebab, Turkey also has a wonderful fashion style and people in the country setting the trends since the beginning of the country.

While talking about fashion in Turkey, we must consider Istanbul. Istanbul is to Turkey what Milano is to Italy and Paris to France. A place where famous clothing and fashion brands are made.

In spite of the importance of Istanbul to fashion and clothing in Turkey. We must mention the rest of the country. Let’s look at the 5 most popular Turkish brands to understand these fashion lover people.

LC Waikiki: For The Whole Family

LC Waikiki in fact was not a Turkish brand until 1997. Established in France, 1988, LC Waikiki has turned out to be among the best Turkish clothes brands since 1997. The company’s popularity is not just local. LC Waikiki trades in 962 stores in 46 countries, with the company’s philosophy that ”Everyone deserves to dress well”. LC Waikiki is not a company which only appeals to particular consumers, their philosophy is to enable every kind of customer to enjoy accessible fashion through quality products at affordable prices, from clothing for men and women to even for children and babies.

When you’re in Turkey, it’s not a surprise to see great number of LC Waikiki stores around you. It’s not just a big company, it’s also preferred by many people. It’s probably because the large range of products, if you don’t like one shirt, don’t worry there are a lots of other shirts to choose from.

Koton: Trends & Innovation

Koton was founded in Istanbul, 1988. Koton has evolved from a small Istanbul store into an international brand. Twenty-five years ago, two young people made a life-changing decision. Yılmaz Yılmaz, a naval officer, and his wife Gülden, a teacher, decided to invest in something completely unfamiliar to them: the textile sector. During the summer of 1988, they opened a shop in Kuzguncuk, a small, picturesque neighborhood on the Asian side of Istanbul. The shop was a mere 25 meters square, fitted out with shelving taken from a nearby shop that was being renovated. Today, the Koton brand has 220,000 square meters of shop floor area in 310 stores found in 24 countries across the world. The secret of Koton’s success is its customer-centered approach, a good price-quality ratio, presented in a relaxed, spacious environment. Another fundamental key to Koton’s success is the variety of products offered, including clothes, shoes and accessories.

Nearly 20,000 pieces are produced each year, which means every store holds a wealth of product. The Koton design department, which comprises around 100 people, is highly versatile; the designers travel the world, visiting design fairs and seeking out inspiration.

The goal for the future is to remain a major player in fast fashion. ‘We are not the biggest yet, but if we work on creating the strongest and most-liked collection, I think we can take a step towards becoming one of the biggest fast-fashion brands in the world,’ says Yılmaz Yılmaz. ‘Our strength lies in the fact that not only are our basics affordable, but so are our fashion items. That’s what separates us from our competitors.’

Koton gets significant attention from young people in Turkey.

Ipekyol: Definition of Modern Women

Ayaydın Miroglio Group, with the women’s textiles brands Ipekyol, Machka and Twist, operating under its roof states its vision as being a multinational brand, designing the most wanted women’s clothing and accessories, giving a whole different shopping experience at locations all around Europe and one to inspire the lifestyle of a modern lady.

Corporate Structure was founded in 1986 with its first brand Ipekyol for readymade wear retail and partial wholesale. The group’s brand portfolio includes Twist and Machka women’s wear brands as well as Ipekyol. The company is a successful global brand. The company offers its products in 130 stores in Turkey.

Founder Yalçın Ayaydın says ” I believed in women and design ” in an interview, this statement actually reflects the soul of Ipekyol. They are especially for women’s needs for clothes and fashion since their first store in Nişantaşı, Istanbul.

If you believe in women’s strenght, you should give Ipekyol a chance.

Kiğılı: Men With Class

Men’s Clothing Brand in Turkey

As Kiğılı, ”we are the men’s clothing brand of Turkey, which contemporary, rational and successful men prefer. We continue to be indispensable to the city’s professionals with our innovative vision that defies years and our world-class collections. We take a pioneering role with the innovations we bring to the fashion sector, and we present trends to men’s liking by interpreting them with our own lines”

”Our collections offering options for different age groups give men the most comfortable wear experience every day of the week. Suits that make you move freely in a busy business meeting, daily designs that offer comfort on a Sunday’s breakfast, the most stylish tuxedos at special occasions, or the tricots that warms you up during a skiing holiday are some of the items enriching Kiğılı experience.”

207 stores in 62 cities in Turkey

24 stores worldwide

Kiğılı says their mission is to become the leading brand preferred in the world markets in international markets in men’s fashion retailing.

Defacto: Cheap and Cheerful

When it comes to clothes, Turkish people really likes shopping. You can even understand this from the variety of the clothing brands or stores in the streets or in the malls. Defacto is one of the largest clothing chain store in Turkey, similar to LC Waikiki. DeFacto has become a clothing giant with 500 stores in 30 different countries of the world. It was only 14 years ago when the company opened its first store in Istanbul in 2005.

Defacto keeping pace with fashion, it has become the choice of millions of Turks with its cheap price policy. They have the motto as ‘Being a global fashion brand that makes WOW.

Enerji Yönetimi Defacto Projesi

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