Shock After Earthquake In Ayvacik

Muharrem Erkek with the Republican People’s Party stated that at least 300 new dwellings were needed in Ayvacik, which was shaken by the earthquake, and the government has proposed a house loan of 54 thousand liras for earthquake victims instead of unrequited housing for 20 years. The man said that the earthquake victims had rebelled, “Where and how will we find this money?”


‘Disaster Area Should Be Declared’

Çanakkale deputy Muharrem Erkek, Çanakkale depreminated in Ayvacik’ta shared visits to the transfer of his share. “At this time, they were told that they would not be able to make unrequited housing. According to this, a loan of 54 thousand liras with 20 years pay will be given to them. But; 2 + 1 an average of around 100 thousand liras. The remaining 50 thousand liras in the amount of damage caused by the earthquake families also wanted to be met by themselves, ” he said.

Muharrem Erkek said “For the campaign of the referendum, the money spent on the state’s treasury is final, let’s not erase the taxes of the people who are annoying the public, Our compatriots are in a difficult situation. For the solution of the problems Çanakkale Ayvacik must be declared a disaster area immediately.”

Muharrem Erkek, who said that the citizens of the task of a social state, especially during difficult times, were to hold hands in disasters, voiced that the opposite was the case now. While the millet can sweep away the taxpayers of 400 million liras in a pen, the nation emphasized that 300 dwellings could not be made to Çanakkale Ayvacik, where the earthquake hit the depression, while the road was presented as a grace of bridge construction.

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