Sevil Mert, Attributed As A Marketing Coordinator For Real Estate Of Hurriyet

Hurriyet Real Estate both continues to work on consistent and continues to strengthen personnel staff. This time a new person has been introduced to Hurriyet Real Estate.

Sevil Mert has been a member of Hurriyet Real Estate, who is responsible for all the work on marketing. Therefore, each online and offline functions about the marketing will be carried out and directed. Besides possessing all the work about marketing, she will have responsibilities on the branches of the brand such as Hurriyet Newspaper, website, Big Para, Hurriyet Travel and Hurriyet Family. That’s to say, her work force is so wide that all the branches could be work each other as an institution.


Short Information About Sevil Mert

Sevil Mert graduated from the school of business administration. She did master degree on the Marketing Communication in Bahcesehir University.

Sevil Mert started the career as a call center in Egebank. After working in another bank for 6 years as responsible for the direction of products of Alternative Distribution Channels, she participated in as a member of Technology Holding. In between 2007 and 2010, she worked as an administrator of Marketing and Business Development in Embrio inc.

All in all, her experiences will also illuminate the company deeply owing to the fact that each company needs the collaborations, possessing qualified and well- appointed features. Thus, all of these experiences and equipments with business knowledge will be beneficial for the Hurriyet Real Estate through enhancing her to acquire much more experience.

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