Sentenced People Will Not Be Able To Be A Realtor

With the bill being cautious by the real estate sector, the industry's leading faces had a meeting with the Ministry of Customs and Trade. ERA Real Estate Turkey General Manager Özhan Atalay made a written statement after the interview and stated that if the design is enacted in this way, the work flow of the sector will become difficult and the bankrupt or convicted persons will be abstracted from the society. Atalay said: ' We should bring these people to the society'.


According to Article 21 of the Law, Atalay states that the real estate offices will now have to obtain a license and that the companies with serious life risks regarding the health and worker health are the natural persons and they are licensed to these enterprises and they have many techniques such as ventilation, health-education-environment. Atalay emphasized that the normal commercial enterprises are not subject to the spirit of law, and that the real estate sector is not different from other business places, so this item in the draft law should be reorganized.

On the other hand, Atalay pointed out: "I think this item is very heavy and it will make normal flow of business life difficult. To abstract people who have been convicted of any offense is to make their lives difficult. Bankruptcy and Concordat are the institutions and rights regulated in the Turkish Commercial Code. Everyone who does business is at risk of going bankrupt or concordate. At the same time it is a legal right and the way it is made by law is arranged. It is true that some bankrupt people can not perform some professions related to money, but real estate counseling is not such a profession. We bring the consultant, the buyer and the seller together and receive the service fee when the transaction is completed. It will not be directly related to money. Money transfer takes place between buyer and seller."

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