Samut Comfort City

Samut Comfort City is one of the challenging construction projects in Antalya. The owner of the project is SAMUT A.Ş. which has been in the construction sector since 1994. The company which put its signature under very popular and high level Projects before in Antalya, aims at presenting another high level Project with Samut Comfort City in Kepez.


The Project which is under way on Antalya Suphi Türel Street, in Kepez district is plotted on an area of 12,080m2. The buildings are upon a raft foundation and are constructed with C35 concrete, thus they are strong enough to resist even massive earthquakes. Samut Comfort City almost in the heart of Antalya while offering a peaceful and calm atmosphere. It is located only 5 km away from Antalya International Airport and 4 km away from the inner fortress and yacht marine.


The project covers construction of 6 blocks with a total of 84 luxurious apartments and 2 business centers. It is not only a housing project but also a social attraction and business center project. Apartments are either 2+1 or 3+1 in size. Outdoor swimming pool, kiddy pool, fitness center, cafeterias, restaurants, kinder garden, mini football field and volleyball court are among the social facilities. Parking lots and garages, 7/24 security and monitoring system are available.


Samut Comfort City Price list for 2+1 apartments is 425,000.- TL and for 3+1 apartments is 575,000.- TL. The apartments will be completed and delivered to owners in September 2017. Exclusive payment opportunities are offered for the Project which is also available for mortgage credits by banks.
In order to receive detailed information about this high level Project you can call  0532 627 6884   or  0242 229 02 96.



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