Rules For Receiving Rent Payment Assistance In Urban Transformation

The details of the Guide to Urban Transformation Rental Assistance are obvious. The details of the new rental guide were announced in March 2017, following the publication of the rental guide in 2015. The new rental assistance guide issued by the Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning will start paying rents as of May 2, 2017. As of March 15, 2017, they will be present on the rent allowance application and the unfinished transactions will be applied according to the new manual.

Earthquake-risk buildings-in-turkey

The method of how to make the rented housing subsidy, how to make the payment and what conditions should be made is determined according to the criteria determined by the Ministry, the report says.



The following documents are requested from home owners staying in risky residence

1 – Application petition

2 – Copy of ID card

3 – Risky Build report

4 – Registered title deed and permanent deed registration (address, parcel information and real estate tax declaration are requested with the document to be taken from the municipality without independent section)

earthquake-risk buildings-in-turkey

5 – A.R.A.D. one of the subscription invoices such as electricity and water belonging to any of the last 3 months or 3 months before the date of receipt of the Identity Number for the risky structure via the net system

4 – Signed sealed address information report to be obtained from the Directorate of Population and Citizenship regarding the residence of the right holder and the evacuation of the construction right on the receipt of the Building Identification Number

5 – Destroyed Constructor Form

If the applicant fails to apply for the housing allowance in 2016 and the residence permit is not resident at the date of the Risky Building Assessment Report Approval date, the applicant will be able to apply for the residence permit if he / she provides the application conditions specified in the Rent Aid Manual in 2017.

It will be re-evaluated by the Municipality.


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