Rize City Center Will Be Moved

After the sea was filled in Rize years ago and it was revealed that the buildings built on the 350 acres area and the danger of destruction of the buildings of 70 thousand people were found, the Ministry of Environment and Urbanism started to prepare the action plan for urban transformation


In the first stage of the urban transformation action plan in Rize, a part of the city center in the filling area of ​​2,700 houses with risk of over 170 acres and the destruction of 1,500 commercial houses will be moved to the new living area. A small number of new structures with low floor and number density will be built in the area of ​​the destruction of risky buildings. In the middle of the 1960s, sea filling was initiated by the mayor of the time, Ekrem Orhon. The 350-acre area, filled with large stones and made of sand or mud, was gained as a sea-filling area.

On the filling area, which constitutes approximately one-third of the city center, building permission was granted in three layers in the first stage; but in the meantime, high-rise buildings were built in the area of ​​the filling. In the meantime, about 70 thousand people began to live in the filling area. Rize has made a report by the Chamber of Civil Engineers, who conducted periodical technical reviews about the buildings. 

It was noted that building bases below the level of the water level were damaged due to the corrosion that occurred. Also, the building iron under the brine was also lost, He emphasized. It is also noted in the report that all the buildings outside the few buildings that could survive the empowerment work had to be demolished. The Ministry of Environment and Urbanism has begun the preparation of an action plan for the suburban transformation. Rize Mayor Resat Kasap said " we have examined the steps that will be taken in line with a certain plan in the examinations made. "

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