Rise On Home Sales Continues

Mustafa Hakan Ozelmacikli, General Manager of Altin Real Estate has pointed out that the first positive effects of arrangements on home sales have appeared this month.

According to Turkey Statistical Institute, statistics of home sales show that totally 128 thousand 923 homes have been sold during the month of March in 2017. The rate of sales increased with the rate of %10 comparing to data last year. In addition, this rate of sales increased with the rate of %27 comparing to the data in February. The first quarter of 2017 data depicts that 325 thousand 780 sales have been generated. In March, home sales in Istanbul possess %17.4 rate of profit with the sales of 22 thousand 443. After Istanbul, Ankara follows with % 17.4 rate of profit by 15 thousand four sales. Then Izmır is the third one following Ankara, of which %11.6 rate of profits have been. And also the number of home sales in Izmır is 8 thousand 59.


The General Manager, Mustafa Hakan Ozelmacikli explained some assessments on this issue. Mr. Ozelmacikli said that the first effects of arrangements lately on the sector of real estate have resulted in positively this month. Ambiguity due to the election has disappeared and the effects of title dead fees and VAT could be seen in the second quarter of 2017. Moreover, he uttered that real estate would go on supply a rise of the value with the investors this year.

Maximum Sales Belong To The Esenyurt In Istanbul

Esenyurt the part of Istanbul is the champion of all the parts among the other three metropolitan cities, Ankara, Istanbul and Izmır because 4098 homes in Esenyurt have been sold. Esenyurt is followed by Sancaktepe with the number of 1101 home sales, and then by Pendik with the number of 979 home sales. Ankara Kecioren has sold 2619 homes in March and then Cankaya has sold 2448 homes and lastly Mamak has sold 2004 homes. In Karsiyaka of Izmır, 1063 home sales have been generated and then Buca followed this.

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