Restoration Works Started In Harput Grand Mosque Minaret

Restoration work on the historical minaret of the Ulu Cami, which was built in the 12th Century and built by Artuklu Fahrettin Karaaslan has began. It is known that the Grand Mosque's minaret was more curved than the Tower of Pisa, which is known for its curvature. The project of famous minaret, which was prepared to be opened for tourism, was measured by the art history expert and Kadir Atıcı who is the head of cultural assets supervision and application office belonging to Elazığ municipality. According to measure, slope of the minaret is 7.2.


Kadir Atıcı stated that the structure of the minaret had a slope with natural causes and added that he had been restored 34 years ago.

The Historical Importance Of Building Is Very Attractive 

Atıcı who is having detailed information on the date of the construction, said that the building has hosted many civilizations for many years, and had more slope than the Pisa tower. It is known that the slope of the tower of Pisa is 3.2 and the slope of the Harput Grand Mosque minaret is 7.2. In addition to all this information, it is known that the construction date of the tower of Pisa was 1173, while the Harput Ulu mosque structure was completed in 1157 and Minaret of The Grand Mosque was built 16 years ago from the Tower of Pisa. The destruction of the bricks on the minaret over time has been noted as another reason for the restoration. Due to the winter conditions, the restoration work has been interrupted at the moment.

The Works Will Be Contınue After Winter Season

Atıcı who is stating that this will not be a long time, said the work will continue as soon as winter conditions are over. In addition to all these, other constructions with the same architectural scheme was continued to be seen in the mardin and inner Anatolian provinces ruled by The Great Seljuks.

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