Restoration Of The Mosque In Şahnalı Neighborhood Is Completed

The 120-year-old mosque in Aydın's Şahnalı Mahallesi, which can not respond to needs, was rebuilt and opened for worship.
The 120-year-old mosque, which was unable to respond to the needs of Şahnalı Mahallesi, affiliated to the Ephesian district of Aydın, was rebuilt by charitable businessmen and opened for worship.


The village mosque, built in 1898 in Şahnalı District of Ephesus, became unable to respond to the needs and needs of the past 120 years. Hüdayi, Tevfik and Ali Mümtaz Özalp brothers and sisters, who were born and raised in Shahnali village, acted when they were informed about the mosques in their villages.

The old mosque was demolished and rebuilt in place, and the ceremony was followed by worship. Aydin Governor Yavuz Selim Köşger, Efeler Mayor M. Mesut Ozakcan, Aydın Müftüveçi Zekeriya Çallı, Efeler District Mufti Salih Akcan, Şahnalı Neighborhood Chief Unal Yakıcı, representatives of political parties and non-governmental organizations attended the opening ceremony of the Camin.

Speaking at the opening of Şahnalı Camisin, District Mufti Salih Akcan reminded that a mosque was built in 1898 for the first time as a mansion converted into a neighborhood by Metropolitan Law. Akcan, indicating that the glass has become outdated in time and unable to respond to the needs of its growing community, said that the charitable Özalp brothers were acquiring a new mosque in the neighborhood. Akcan, thanking philanthropists, wished that the 400-person-capacity glass built by spending 600 thousand liras would be beneficial to Şahnalı Mahalles.

Having expressed the happiness of opening a beautiful work to the service, Governor Köşger thanked the charitable Özalp family who undertook the construction of the mosque.

Şahnalı Mosque, Provincial Chamber of Deputies Zakiriye Çallı duan followed by the Governor Köşger, President Özakcan and members of the protocol was opened by the protocol.

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