Restoration of Suakin Island to increase the number of tourists

The Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TIKA) started restorating the Suakin Island of Sudan in January. The Minister of Tourism of Sudan, Mohammad Abu Zaid Mustafa said that the restoration will increase the number of tourists visiting the island.


Reconstruction is expected to strengthen the bond between two countries

Upon the Sudan President Omar al-Bashir’s approval of Turkey’s plans of restorating the island, Abu Zaid stated that the area aims to attract about 5 million tourists for the following season of tourism. Stressing that especially tourists coming from Turkey, Europe and the Middle East are expected to increase, Abu Zaid said that "Turkey’s restoration of Suakin island according to depended maps and the usage of the island as a region of tourism will be a huge step for both countries."

Suakin Island as a historical museum of Ottoman culture

Suakin Island, which takes place in the north of Sudan, used to be an important harbor for the region of Nubia. During the Ottoman era, the safety of the Red Sea and the Hejaz was provided through the Suakin Island. The historical Ottoman harbor and custom house, guardouse, Hanafi and Shafi mosques are all placed in the island.

President Erdoğan emphasized the importance of TIKA project

During his visit to Sudan, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan recently performed his prayer in the Hanafi Mosque in the Suakin Island renovated by TIKA. In order to support Sudan’s developing tourism sector, the custom house, the Hanafi mosque and the Shafi mosque were all renovated by TIKA’s project of renovation that was launched in 2011.

President Erdoğan, previously emphasizing the importance of the Suakin Island which was part of Ottoman lands until the 19th century, said the reconstruction of the site will revive the island in such a way that a shaved beard only grows stronger than before.

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