Residential Sales Stop

Housing sales were declining for a long time. This reduction continues. Residential sales are getting smaller and smaller. home sales fell again in Turkey in November. A 7.5 percent decline was experienced. The number of houses sold dropped to around 122 thousand. There was a decline in October. The decline was 5.7 percent. There has been regression and the number is getting smaller.


Istanbul still owns the biggest share in residential sales. Istanbul has the highest share with 19 thousand residential sales. This area continued to lead. According to sales figures, Istanbul was followed by Ankara with 14,200 residential sales. İzmir followed with 7 thousand 360 residential sales. The number of housing sales was low in Hakkari, Ardahan and Şırnak. These three city sold 72 houses in total.

Decreases also occurred in mortgages. The past 1.5 years experienced the most severe decline. Decrease by about 24 percent. mortgage sales in Turkey fell quite compared to the same month of the year. It was around 37,000. The share of mortgage sales in total housing sales was 30.4 percent. 7 thousand houses were sold during in Istanbul mortgage sales. Ardahan province was 56 percent with the highest mortgage sales share in total housing sales. There has been a large increase in home sales made with foreigners. It increased by 21 percent compared to the same month of the previous year. The number was 2 thousand 152. In November 2017, Istanbul received 728 houses for the first time in foreign residential sales.

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