Residence Prices Has Increased In Last Two Years

Bursa is 4th biggest city in population in Turkey. It is known as being green and historical by having lots of mosques built during Ottoman Empire times. Bursa is also knwon with its delicious meat meal Iskender Kebab and candied chestnut. These kind of properties make Bursa a valuable city. Thus, it takes lots of attention from foreign investors in real estate sector. As a result, the real estate prices has raised 42% in last two years. 


Bursa is in the first three in sales to foreigns

4th most crowded city, Bursa is one of the most preferable city of foreign investors in Turkey. Bursa is now the 3rd city in sales to foreigners while İstanbul is the first one and Antalya is the second one. 

The most expensive village of Bursa: Mudanya

In accordance to Region Report, there is a 42% of increase in residence sales and 36% of increase in residence renting. Among this, Mudanya is the most expensive village in Bursa by having 2 tousand and 251 Turkish Lira for each square meter of estates. After Mudanya, Nilüfer comes with 2 tousand and 284 Lira and Osmangazi comes as third with 1.911 Lira for each square meter. 

Average price of metersquare reached to 1.934 Lira

The one who would like to buy a house in Bursa can have a 100 meter square house bu paying in between 141 tousand and 241 tousand of Liras. The average meter square prices of houses has reached 1.934 Liras. 

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