Requirements and Documents Required for Mortgage Application


Before giving the mortgage, the bank will ask for some information and documents to verify your identity and income. Below are the common documents that all banks require for the mortgage application. However, because the documents required by each bank are different, click to compare the banks in detail.

Desired Down Payment Percentage

20-25% of the immovable amount to be purchased must be paid in advance. This is the pledge of the bank in case you are experiencing housing prices falling and your repayment difficulty.

Guarantee Requirement

When a mortgage is given, a mortgage is made as the real estate collateral obtained on the loan. However, many banks require a minimum of guarantor.

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Documents Required for Application

Personal Identity document (ID card, driver’s license or passport)

Residency Interview

Tax levy for salary payroll or self-employed

About housing

Land Ownership Tapus or

Floor Alliance Deed and Building Use Permit or

Floor Irrigation Tapes and Photocopies of Construction License

Personal Information Required on the Application Form

Name surname

T.C. Citizenship No.

T.C. Individual Tax No.

Address (Home, work and mobile)

Phone (Home, work and mobile)

Tenant or Homeowner status

Occupation and Title

Education status

Military status

Marital status

Required Financial Information in Application Form

Automobile brand and year

Immovable property list

Income (Salary, Rent, Interest and Other)

Expense (Monthly net expense)

Your accounts on the other bank

Compulsory Insurances Made

Individual life insurance

Housing insurance

Earthquake insurance

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