Rental Deposit in 4 Questions!

There is also a deposit fee between the rent of real estate and the cost of the tenant before moving to the house. The deposit, which is regarded as the guarantor of the tenant, can be claimed at a certain price.

The proprietor can not claim a deposit above the limit stated in his blood. The deposit is not legally rented; is taken as a guarantee of damages to be experienced.

However, if the tenant does not pay the last rent at the end of the lease period; this rent is deducted from the debt deposit to eliminate the damage.

How much is the rent deposit? How is the rent deposit paid to the landlord? How is the lease deposit repaid to the tenant? In which cases can the rent deposit be withdrawn? Here is the answer;

1- How much is the rent deposit?

If mortgage is given to a tenant in a house or a rented workplace, the guarantee does not exceed the rent for three months. The rent deposit is not subject to stamp tax as there is no "rental fee".

2- How is the rent deposit paid to the host?

If it is decided that money or negotiable paperwork is to be given as security, the tenant deposits the money in a savings account for withdrawal without the approval of the tenant, and stores the valuable paper in a bank.

3- How is the lease deposit repaid to the tenant?

The bank can only rely on the trust of the two parties, or on the basis of the execution order, or on the final judgment of the court.

If the landlord has notified the bank in writing that the tenant has filed a lawsuit against the tenant for a lease contract within three months of the end of the lease or has entered into bankruptcy proceedings, the bank is obliged to reinstate the tenant's security.

4- In which cases can the rent deposit be withdrawn?

If the rent deposit reaches the landlord with the landlord and the tenant is damaged at home, the rent deposit can be deducted from the rent deposit.

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