Rent Prices in Istanbul Decreased By 25 Percent On Average

Nizameddin Asa, chairman of the Istanbul Chamber of Realtors, stated that rent prices decreased by 25 percent in Istanbul and said, “Houses that have already been rented for 2000 liras now can be rented for a thousand liras, those for 1100 liras have gone down to 900 liras. ” said.

Asa told AA correspondent that he stated that there are many rental apartments in Istanbul and that it is possible to find an apartment with 2 thousand 500 liras last year in Besiktas and now between 2 thousand and 2 thousand 200 liras.


Asa stated that rental prices decreased by 25 percent in Istanbul overall, adding:

“In Fatih last year, with 2 thousand liras you can not hold the house, is now holding a thousand liras in the same way in many districts in Baghdad Street 4 thousand liras you can not hold the house, now you are holding 3 thousand liras. But citizens are much more luxurious, much higher. There are no houses in 500-600 liras, but there are also distant locations, but the houses that have been rented for a thousand liras before can now be rented to a thousand liras, Those who landed at 900 liras.

“At least there are more serious bargains at the moment, because there is no demand, there are not many sales, the buyer and the seller have entered the waiting position, and many contractors are in very serious negotiations,” he said. We hear that prices are not from the prices, but from the lower price. ” He spoke in the form of.

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