Rent A House Or Buy A House?

A home loan or rent question is one of the most frequently asked questions. We have asked Serdar Kın a few questions from Remax Icon about this subject.

Is İt Reasonable To Buy A Home Loan?

It makes sense to buy a house with a credit. In recent years, it has become an advantageous position with low interest rates and long term positions. The rate of use of housing loans has increased and the number of years is increasing. Even prospective buyers with cash money are applying for housing loans. For this reason, it is absolutely necessary to use the housing loan and take advantage of the benefits when buying a house or office.


Do You Want To Buy A House With A Home Loan Or To Rent?

Definitely getting home with a home loan. When you buy a home with a credit, you pay like a rent, and when you are done with these payments you become a homeowner. However, when you are a tenant you are paying a rental fee, and you are only entitled to a premium for that period. When you went out to that office, you used it only for that period, and you have met your need for housing thanks to that housing. If you pay the rented amount, it remains as a plus to the property owner. That's why it makes sense to get home by using a housing loan and to evaluate that house every time.


The home received by the home loan is amortized by different periods in different regions. For example, in newly constructed regions supply is over, prices are lower. According to the rent, we can find out how long the property will be depreciated by comparing the property value with the rental income. There are fewer apartments that sell in more luxurious and seated neighborhoods, but they are also higher as a sale and a sale price. In these types of districts, the amortization period is longer. In new construction places, the duration of self-depreciation of housing is shorter.


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