Real Estate Tax Payment Dates Have Been Certain

The unit values of the buildings, plot and land were re-determined. This rate taken into consideration in the Property Tax account was increased from 2.79 percent to 3.83 percent in the collections to be made in 2017. Thus, within the boundaries of the metropolitan area, 175 thousand liras a house that reaches 181 thousand pounds worth of real estate tax will pay 362 pounds. Households last year will also make their first installment payments this year. Payments start every March and September.




During Housing 2016, This Year Will Pay Tax


Hatice Kolçak, Head of the Real Estate Commission of the Consumers Association, recalled that the revaluation rate to be applied for 2016 was determined and announced as 3.83 percent with the General Communiqué of the Tax Procedure Law published in the Official Gazette. “Those who bought new housing in 2016 will start paying real estate tax for the first time in 2017,” Kolçak said. Kolçak pointed out that the dwellings within the boundaries of the metropolitan area would pay the real estate tax on the value of 2, the other buildings 4, the land 2, and the land 6 tax values, gave the following example: The residence in Istanbul province Esenyurt was purchased in 2011. A residence with 181 thousand TL will pay a thousand 2 taxes within the boundaries of the metropolis. The real estate tax to be paid will be 362 TL. If this is a plot, 6 in the calculation of the real estate tax to be paid for one thousand 86 TL, ” she said.

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