Real Estate Is The Third Most Profitable Investment Tool

Real Estate Is The Third Most Profitable Investment Tool

In the last decade, Istanbul's real estate increased by an average of 174 percent in price, becoming the third largest investment way after gold and euro.
The leading agency of media follow-up, Ajans Press, examined Istanbul's housing prices research and media titles. According to information obtained from the research, as well as media, real estate investor comes wrapped in Istanbul. The stock market, which provided an average of 110 percent return to the investor and the real estate which left behind the appreciated euro 163 percent, made significant gains to the investor.

Canal Istanbul came forward

Under the title of real estate, the last year the media reflected 63 thousand 923 news, the number of news related to housing prices was 13 thousand 322. Especially in the last week, while the news outlets related to housing prices have increased, the housing which is on the routes of the Kanal Istanbul project has become one of the leading news in the media by doubling its current values ​​by 50 percent.


According to information gathered by Turkey's research, real estate prices in some districts but not across Istanbul threw difference in dollar terms. In the last ten years, the dollar has risen by 226 percent, while the prices of square meters in Kadıköy have risen by 291 percent, Beşiktaş 288 percent, Bakırköy 272 percent, Sarıyer 259 percent and Zeytinburnu 241 percent. Among the other provinces that printed on the list were the Bağcılar with 222 percent, Maltepe with 212 percent, Kartal with 204 percent and Ümraniye with 180 percent.

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