Real Estate Housing Channel Will Develop Projects Around Istanbul!

Murat Kurum, General Manager of Emlak Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT), was in the explanations about Kanal Istanbul project. There are 33 projects on the channel Istanbul route of Emlak Konut. Again, the region has a very important portfolio of land.


Explanation of Murat Institution;

At first mega-projects, including Canal Istanbul Turkey continued growth in our projects with countries that are moving forward with confident steps into the future, not only being closely monitored by the local all over the world. While 33 projects of Emlak Konut are on the Kanal Istanbul route, which is a mega project which will be very beneficial not only to Istanbul but also to the country's economy, we also have a very important land portfolio on the region.

Which should provide success in terms of economic as well as steady growth in Turkey in the last fifteen years and it fascinates us. According to the World Bank's 2015 Global Public Private Partnerships Report of Turkey, a total of 44.7 billion dollars 7 project by performing 40 percent of public-private sector partnerships and investments around the world alone, it has been a leader in the global mega-projects ranking. Mega projects are predominantly a center city of the world where life is spent in Istanbul.

At first Channel Istanbul, including mega projects with the entire world watched with interest by Turkey, while moving forward with confident steps into the future which is Turkey's largest real estate investment companies Real Estate Residential REIT 65 years experience continues to produce and to work for a stronger Turkey.

Channel Istanbul project has strategic importance for Turkey

Referring to Turkey's strategic importance for Canal Istanbul Turkey Konut REIT General Manager Murat Authority also gave information about the investment on Real Estate Channel Istanbul route. Murat Authority, Turkey will bring in much more than another position from the beginning of the most important mega-project together with a description of the Canal Istanbul route not only in Turkey was able to awaken an interest in the world. Channel Istanbul's local and national sources of revenue to be as well as the first marine transport and including trade, 3. synergy arising coupled with the impact of the creation of the Airport will create quite an added value on Turkey's economy. Both construction activities and job opportunities that will be available after a few years of experience will contribute positively to employment. All but one of them is extremely important when evaluating a location for Canal Istanbul Turkey together at the same time also on behalf of a strategic management process valuable for our country.

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