Real Estate Choıce Of Arab Investors Turkey

Turkey real estate investments are as valuable as gold for the Arab real estate agents in recent days.

“If gold is seen as safe haven in Emptya, than Arabs see Turkey as a safe haven.”


Chairman of Honorary Real Estate Development, Onur Örgün said this sentence. Onu Örgün is a person who are leading real estate purchases to Arab investors. He is an important person for Arab investors because he leads the real estate for them. Onur Örgün has talked about that are the Arab investors invest which in cities in Turkey. For example while they are buying a house they choice which cities in Turkey and which cities are profitable for investment.


Investments of foreing inverstors are increasing in Turkey in recent days.

Onur Örgün talked about Ankara firstly. Arab’ s real estate investments start in from Ankara and they are getting around to the other cities. And real estate invesments of Arab investors are in Ankara much more than everyone think. And Örgün has explained the other cities which are profitable as investment for Arab investors. According to Onur Örgün, Bursa, Trabzon, Ordu, Mersin, Adana, Çanakkale, and Ankara are so profitable for them.


Why Do Arab Investors Choise To Invest In Turkey?

Arab investors choise to invest in Turkey because Turkey is reliable for them. They can not know what to expect in ABD, Europe and Russia. As an adding these, cultural proximity is much more between themselves and Turkey according to them. And Turkey is getting big for every year and country is getting valuable as they might guess. So they prefer Turkey for their investment.

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