Re-Design with Urban Transformation

Re-Design with Urban Transformation

Urban transformation has been a turning point for Istanbul. Thanks to urban transformation, the city has a new look. Urban transformation continues in many counties. The districts where urban transformation takes place have a better life. In addition, the Urban Transformation Regulation has changed. Considering the risk of earthquakes, close to 7 million buildings are being renovated to make it healthier and safer. While the city is being renewed to a large extent, new homes are being built for every expectation. The houses of citizens who agree with reliable companies to renew the property are valued up to 10 kata.

Provinces Including Urban Transformation

There are many districts in Istanbul that have been renovated by the urban transformation. These districts include Bakirkoy, Sancaktepe, Bağcılar, Kadıköy, Kartal and Maltepe. These are getting better every day. Old and risky buildings are replaced by modern buildings. In addition, housing projects in these regions increase housing values. Investors can buy new homes in this area or they can include the urban transformation of their existing home.

Certain Regions that come to mind

Urban transformation takes place in Kadikoy, Bagdat. Bagdat street, where 50-year-old buildings are located, prices of houses undergoing urban transformation were determined. The selling prices in square meters start from 12 thousand Turkish liras. Equally important in Kartal. In the province of Kartal, where the project has been going on for about 6 years, especially in recent years, the construction of the residence continues. Urban transformation is taking place in Gülsuyu region in Maltepe, which participates in urban transformation. This project is expected to last 10 years. In addition, work continues in Sancaktepe and Bakırköy districts with the latest speed.

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