Üsküdar will meet new hospitals

Üsküdar Municipality signed a protocol with the Ministry of Health for hospitals and health centers scheduled to go live in 2018. Üsküdar Mayor Hilmi Turkmen: "With Istanbul Provincial Health Directorate, we are bringing hospitals to the footsteps of our patients. The total value of these projects is 100 million Turkish Liras. We will soon be offering hospitals and health centers to our citizens. "

Istanbul Provincial Health Director Prof. Dr. Kemal Memişoğlu: "It is our humanity to make our people healthy and to restore health to their health when their health deteriorates. Therefore, our citizens living in Üsküdar region will start to see very good services about health in a short period of time. " 


Üsküdar Municipality has signed a protocol with the Ministry of Health

Üsküdar Municipality has started an important health movement in the area in terms of health as well as transportation, infrastructure works, social and cultural activities. Üsküdar Municipality, together with the Ministry of Health Istanbul Provincial Health Directorate, formed areas in various neighborhoods to bring new hospitals and health centers to the metropolis. Üsküdar Municipality designated pilot regions, mainly Ünalan and Yavuztürk Districts and signed an important investment in order to bring health services to the feet of the citizens. Üsküdar Mayor Hilmi Turkmen and the Ministry of Health Istanbul Provincial Health Director Prof.Dr. Kemal Memişoğlu attended.

Turkmen: "We bring health to the feet of the citizen"

Üsküdar Mayor Hilmi Turkmen, who spoke during the signing of the protocol, said that they brought health services to the feet of the citizens:

"As Üsküdar Municipality and Provincial Health Directorate, we signed the very important projects together in Üsküdar. With these protocols, we are opening 3 important hospitals in Üsküdar. One of them is in Ünalan District. It will be a branch of Erenköy Mental and Neurological Disease Physiotherapy Hospital. It is not only Ünalan District, but a hospital that will be offered to the citizens of the region, including Cumhuriyet District and even Ataşehir. Our second important hospital is in Yavuzturk District.On the lower floor of Yavuz Selim Mosque, which is still under construction, we have a wide area underground and we build dental health center at this area.This will be a nice hospital for Üsküdar. We will open our hospital, which has more than 50 units and operating room, at the beginning of March.

Turkmen thanked the Provincial Health Directorate for the support given by the Ministry of Health for the formation and operation of the hospitals:

We have formalized these protocols with the protocol of Üsküdar municipality, which is going to be the construction and operation of these hospitals, and our administration will be from our ministry and provincial health directorate.There is Fatih Mosque in Yavuztürk District. Under it we are opening the Family Health Center and Mother Child Center with protocol.This is going to be in service for up to a month. Another family health center in Bulgurlu District.  The last preparations are being made by a family health center where 6 doctors will work. It will be opened in March. Therefore, 2 family health centers will be opened in March. And 3 other major hospitals will be opened. We brought all the hospitals together with the Istanbul Provincial Health Directorate to the footsteps of our patients.These projects have a material value of 100 million Turkish Liras. All projects are suited to Uskudar. "

Memişoğlu: "Üsküdar citizens will see very nice services"

Ministry of Health Istanbul Provincial Health Director Prof. Dr. Kemal Memişoğlu emphasized that the support given by Üsküdar Municipality is important in opening new hospitals and health centers.

"We have achieved a very different health system through the transformation of health we have achieved in our country. We are trying to transform this health into 'health in quality'. We have added one more to the world's exemplary health systems. It will be even better. One of our biggest goals now is not to bring our patients to the hospital, but to bring health care to their feet locally. I would like to thank the Üsküdar municipality for being one of the example municipalities in this regard. They also give us great support in terms of health services. Üsküdar is a very important place for us, especially in the sense of the spread of family health centers. Because Üsküdar is very important in our history and it is a very important district today. "

Memişoğlu, underlining that there will be a visible increase in health services in Üsküdar with 2018.

"Üsküdar Municipality and Haydarpaşa Hospital and Erenköy Psychiatry and Neurological Disorders Physiotherapy hospitals will provide very good services to that region, especially Ünalan Mahallesi. We believe that a healthy society will make the future much better. It is our debt to make our people healthy and to restore health when their health deteriorates. For this reason, Üsküdar region will see very good health services within a few months. We had a problem finding a place in terms of oral and dental health, Mr. President, provided us with it. In the near future, Üsküdar will have gotten to the Oral and Dental Health Hospital. We will offer a much wider hospital with an operating room for the citizens. We are obliged to do what the nation wants, and now we do it. "

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