Presidency Of Privatization Administration Will Sell The Treasury Lands

Ahmet Aksu, Head of the Privatization Administration, stated that they are working on the privatization of the land belonging to the Treasury in the metropolises.


Riva is the Most Important

Providing information about ports and lanes in the privatization portfolio, Aksu said that the most important arsenal on the agenda is the Riva land in Beykoz, Istanbul and stated that the land of 17 thousand square meters was transferred from the National Estate to ÖİB.


"We provide it with the facilities. In natural beauties. Next to sea shore. In the forest. North Marmara highway connection. According to the possibility of tourism can be done on the renovation of the structure, "said Aksu, especially in the tourism sector of the land on August 24th for the latest proposals will be taken.

Aksu stated that he will be given the right to operate for 49 years and that the whole area will be privatized. Aksu says that they want to earn an economy by buying and selling idle land.

Aksu stated that they are working on the privatization, especially in the construction of the Treasury lands in the metropolitan cities and stated that they will present the important places to the public in the coming days.


Taşucu Port Is Also Privatized

Aksu stated that they would privatize the Taşucu Port, which they consider important for the Mersin-Adana region, to be 36 years old. This port will be an alternative to Mersin Port.

Çukurova Airport, which already carries freight and cargo, is also in the region. There will also be a port supporting it. It will be the center to contribute to export capacity. TCDD will establish a logistics center in Mersin Yenice. It will be a freight transfer center connected to the port and railway. "


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