Presidency is In Investment Program With 350 Million Liras!


The presidency will invest 350 million liras in 2017. 222 million of these will be used for buildings in Ankara. In 2017, construction, maintenance and repair work will be carried out for the Presidency campuses in Istanbul, Ankara and Muğla. This year will spend 56 million 300 thousand liras for maintenance and repair. There are 4 projects in the presidential investment program.




The 2017 Investment Program Was Published In The Official Gazette


The total project size is 1 billion 597 million TL. The largest number of in the project constitute additional service buildings in Ankara. The total project amount of additional service buildings is 1 billion 470 million liras. 930 million liras were spent up to now from this item, which was started in 2016 and is planned to be completed in 2019 and shown as ongoing projects. In 2017, the appropriation for 222 million 400 liras TL was given.


Characteristic Plan Of The Project


Characteristic part of the project included ‘Hardware, Survey-Project, Machinery-Equipment, Landscape (112,210 square meters), Construction (322,088 square meters)’ that emphasized. This payment includes investments related to the Presidential Palace. 125 million liras were allocated to the new investments of the Presidency 2017. In Ankara, Istanbul and Muğla, 56 million 300 thousand liras were allocated for construction maintenance and repair works that will start and end this year.


Besides this, the Presidential Office has a guest house in Muğla and outside of Istanbul and Ankara. The details of the presidential investment program were also revealed this way.

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