Pay Attention To Those Who Want To Buy A Prepaid House, The Right To Withdraw Will Be 24 Months

In pre-paid products giving up buying, which is always likely to occur, causes a very difficult process to begin when it comes to housing, because companies that are subject to contracts, pay taxes on local laws. But when the consumer gives up the product he wanted to buy, the seller cannot get back the tax that he paid. For this reason, the consumer needs to go to a certain amount of interruption. This is one of the common characteristics of all countries in the world. But developed countries like Turkey have legal regulations in this respect, because the Republic of Turkey is a country that breaks down every year with housing production. Similar problems are repeated thousands of times with this aspect, but many pre-determined laws for the deal are constantly being updated.


According to the new law, the consumer will be able to give up the prepaid house that he wants to buy before 24 months. The cuts made will be a maximum of 8% if they are abandoned before the end of 24 months. This situation changes gradually. For example, if you give up in the first three months, you will receive a 2% deduction. If this purchase is abandoned between 3 and 6 months, 4% deduction will be applied. If the issue occurs between 6 and 12 months, the cut-off will be the upper limit of 8% deduction. In this way the producer and consumer will be preserved. In addition, if the consumer has paid the down payment, it must be returned to the consumer within 180 days.

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