Parents Who Did Not Get Their Apartments Sued The Contractor

20 families living in Cerkezkoy Fevzipasa District handed their land to the contractor O.P. in the county on the floor in 2010 and 2011. Only families moved last year to apartments that were due to be completed in 2014, learned that apartments were mortgaged when they applied for title deed. The families who claim that they have been swindled on this, found the criminal prosecutor of Çerkezköy Public Prosecutor’s Office. After the prosecution examinations, the contractor O.P. Çerkezköy filed a lawsuit against the 3 th Criminal Court of First Instance on charges of ‘fraud’. The defendant who was tried without a pause for the first time was O.P. While not participating, families and their lawyers who participated in the parcels participated. The complainant families said they took the apartments they needed to take in 3 years according to the contract they had done in 6 years.

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Halil Kaya, a victim of complaints from O.P. in the court, said they had given 2 thousand pounds to buy the deeds, but they learned that the banks were mortgaged:

“They wanted us to deliver our apartment custody and give us 2 thousand pounds for this, and when we went to the title with these money we learned that they were mortgaged in the bank.It has shaken their confidence and made us victims.I even paid these mortgages by paying myself for about 61 thousand pounds I want it to be covered.”

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