“Not Only Type A, Type C Houses Should be Built, Too”

Prime Property Real Estate Partner Melike Oguz Demir stated that “the number of female employee in the real estate sector should increase.”




Female Employee Must be Rewarded


Demir mentioned the female employees in the real estate sector and stated that the sectoral educations, seminars conferences helping the developments of female employees should be increased. She added, “Successful female managers should be rewarded, and supported. There should be more female managers in higher levels. I am certain that the female employees will manage the job successfully.”


Number Female Friendly Firms Should be Increased


“Women’s role in society is not limited with motherhood and household. Their responsibilities at the household might barricade their success in the business world. A female candidate with children might be rejected due to these responsibilities. Women in a position that they must fight for the dignity and the respect in work. They give up on their social life because of the feeling of guilt. They have to deal with the work and the male employee at work.”


She also added that, “My professional advice to the young businesswomen, they should have faith in themselves and use initiative. They never should hesitate expressing their ideas and thought to their managers. They should keep developing and improving in their sector.”



There is a Sales Issue in The Real Estate Sector



She also said, “The real estate firms are dealing with the sale problem which developed in last 10 years. Because of the competition, the marketing techniques are not efficient in the market.”

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