New Steps To Improve Investment Environment In 2017

The Minister of Finance Naci Ağbal said that people, who want to establish a company or make changes in their present companies, do not need to go to banks or tax offices for fee payment.

Tax Regulations and Changes in 2017

The Minister of Finance Ağbal declared that they decreased the indirect taxes and brought new taxation exceptions on stamp duties and fees. He also mentioned that they removed the uncertainties in the regulations in order to encourage international investments more in Turkey.

More Efficient Way to Pay Fees and Taxes

Ağbal said the company owners and to-be-owners are not going to have to go to banks or tax offices for fee payments in 2017. They will be able to pay trade registry fees via chambers of commerce and industry. This is more efficient in terms of time and convenience.

The city of Muğla was the pilot city for this application in the previous year. Ağbal sait they aim for applying this procedure in every city of Turkey with the new year, except Istanbul. It will be applied in Istanbul one week later than the other cities.

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