New Routes Shining In Real Estate

The real estate world is always of great importance in the Turkish republic, because of the natural beauty that both the country has and the structures that came from history, it has recently turned into a center of attraction for foreign citizens. The recent developments in the real estate sector and the new government regulations that have been made by the government have made it possible for many investors from Europe, the Arab and the Far East, to invest in Turkey. As a center of investments, Istanbul stands out. Moreover, with the recent settling of those who fled Iraq and Syria war, Turkey has emerged a great need for housing. The biggest reason for the growth of the sector is the interest shown by the citizens of these two countries.


In addition to VAT discounts and procedural facilities, the Republic of Turkey, with its safe and natural beauty for foreign investors, provides a safe shopping environment for foreign investors. The most preferred areas in Istanbul are the routes through which public transportation vehicles pass. The routes of Metrobus, Metro and other rail system transport vehicles are the first choice. New projects around the Sancaktepe region and the E-5 motor way are sold very quickly. From this point of view, the first preference of foreign investors is to become an attraction point for Turkish citizens. Moreover, Sancaktepe projects that offer very favorable payment conditions both in Turkey and abroad provide a great advantage in this respect.

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