New Parking Lot Regulations

The parking lot regulations is played in the part of official gazette that is going to inure to the benefit on 1st of June in this year. So, lets see that what this regulation is including.


1- Where it will be ?

According to the title deed that will have the opportunuties of showing it's independent part of the section as addition, parking lot will be created only if the parcel which has minimum 7 meters in the front garden and the space between garden and building minimum 2 meters. Additionally, if it is totally underground and there are 3 meters from front garden to road which means that you can still have parking lot.

2- What will happen to buildings that do not have the parking lot?

In this situation, the title deed will annotated. Also, the other place for parking which is within walking distance has to be shown for the buildings that do not have parking lots. According to new regulations, parking lots have to be done before the construction. In this way the fee will be paid that's why it will be prevented to refuse the creating parking lots from the beginning.

3- Is the license will be given if there is not parking lot?

Due to new regulations belonging to 2018, the license will not be given until parking lot has been created. Additionally, if there is no construction, building license will not also given.

4- How will be the fee for parking lot ?

It will be depended on the social and economic situation of the society. There will be maximum 40% of discount for the area which is far away from the center.

5- Is the parking lot will be created to park or squares?

It will be allowed to create the parking lots under parks and squares without touching the nature of them. Nevertheless, all ground of parking lots will created with the material which is allowed water to penetrate into ground.

6- What will be the sizes?

  • Minimum ramp width has to be provided after the circulation of parking lots.

  • The enterance width of the parking lot can not be lower than 2.75 meter.

  • The enterance lenght of the parking lot can not be lower than 2 meter.

  • The inside lenght of the parking lot can not be lower than 2 meter.

  • The slope of the ramp can not be more than 20% except personal parking lots. They have to have 15% of slope.

  • The width of ramps have to be minimum 2.75 meter.

  • Turning roads width has to be minimum 6 meter except personal parking lots. They have to have 6,50 meter.

  • The elevator for vehicles can be done. However, the precautions of the fire, the entrence and exit of the lot have to be thought. 

  • Longest side has to be minimum 4.90 meter. Shortest side have to be minimum 2.40 meter, maximum 3.50 meter for disabled.

New regulation will be inured to the benefit on June 2018.

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