New Era İn Urban Transformation

The target of urban transformation is 7 million houses and 25 million people. At this stage, about 450 thousand houses and 2 million people are covered. Some provisions of the Governing Regulation have changed to prevent pauses resulting from implementation in urban transformation.


Dr. Gürsel Öngören who is the Chairman of the Urban Transformation and Legal Platform gave information about the subject.


Within the scope of the amendments, the qualifications and training conditions regarding the personnel to be worked in the licensed institutions that primarily identify risky structures were increased. Now more qualified and specially trained engineers will be able to make these determinations.


Establishing risky structures; if the risk-free or risky structure of a risk-free structure is determined without risk, or a risky structure report is prepared for a non-existent structure, the previously licensed companies’ licenses will be canceled due to incomplete and incorrect calculations. Thus, the licensed companies that detect risky structures were trained.

There will be no risk report on buildings that are now under construction and are not resident, abandoned, demolished and the integrity of the building is deteriorated. These structures will not benefit from the 17% value added tax (VAT) exemption and urban transformation incentives up to a total of approximately 23% in the form of title deed and construction allowance exemption. Some people made the opportunity for urban transformation and these people cause the lost 23% of the state revenue on new constructions. This opportunism was prevented.


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