New Adress-Based High School Entrance System Made Realtors Happy

The new high school entrance exams system announced by the Ministry of Education has been announced. The new entrance examination system announced by the Minister of National Education Ismet Yilmaz was announced as an adrese based placement system as everyone knows. With the new system coming in place of TEOG, the real estate agents started to sell the houses located next to the important high schools at high prices and to ask for high rents in the rented apartments.


According to the new test system, the installation will be done according to the high school. The first adopters of this new system were real estate agents. Realtors started putting up phrases such as "near to science school" and "against social sciences high school" for rent and for sale house advertisements.

Of course, as mentioned above, because of the adrasse based new test system, the school closest to the home gained great importance. As a result, home prices next to schools with high educational quality have already risen.

National Education Minister Ismet Yilmaz announced the new system on Sunday at the high school. With this system announced, students will choose the 5 schools closest to their homes. Turkey's popular school exam if the student will be taken. Actors and homeowners have moved on with the announcement that about 1.1 million students will be placed in high school based on adrese based placement. With the announcement of the system, the names of the residents, such as the age and the neighborhood, were started to be included in the school names in rental and sale house advertisements. In some advertisements, the statement 'Rent for ownership of your child is close to the science museum'.

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