Natural Gas Comes to Sirnak with New Houses

The pits dug by members of the terrorist organization, the Barricades they made, the explosives they bombed in the region, and various other structures damaged the houses in Sirnak and the people living there.
After years of fighting in the city, the terrorists were removed from the area. Traces of damage to buildings in the region will be erased by the state decision.

For citizens living in Sirnak, TOKI decided to build 5731 buildings. The project, in which the house, workplace, Mosque and taziye House are located, is almost completed. Deputy Mayor Turhan Bedirhanoğlu visited Ismetpasa neighborhood in the city during the completion of the structures and visited the sample apartment and received information about the works from the authorities. Indicating that there will be natural gas in homes Deputy Turhan, “people do not focus on the understanding of municipalities for years deprived of our citizens in modern city life in a very short time will gain our citizens,” he said.

Change Will Not Be Only Natural Gas

Deputy Chairman Bedirhanoglu ,”now by TOKI 5 thousand 731 houses, businesses, mosques and houses of condolences in the concept of a new city began to build.
Besides TOKI, we have also brought our city’s drinking water and sewage infrastructure to completion. We hope that the natural gas works that our people have been longing for for years and that they have waited with great longing will begin in the next month. Together with the new Residences, we will offer our citizens the opportunity to live in their natural gas houses.” quoth. With this announcement, the city will also have changes in drinking water and sewerage infrastructure announced.

Delivered in July

Bedirhanoglu, who said that the work was continuing, said: “construction of construction continued rapidly by TOKI construction was completed in large part. At the end of July, we intend to deliver some of our homes to our citizens.” With this statement, the news of July was reported to citizens.


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