Mortgage Market Made 1 Million People Buy Houses

Samim Hatipoglu, who said that the quality of the houses demanded by the people changed by increasing the national income per capital in Turkey, said that with the mortgage market being put into effect, the housing of the houses in Turkey increased by 1 million.



Nurol REIT General Manager Samim Hatipoglu said that most of the houses in Istanbul are made during the periods when the national income per capita is 1500 dollars per year, “This income came to 10 thousand dollars. Therefore, when people’s standards change, everyone gets a different house request. Security and earthquake elements became important, “he said.

Hatipoglu said that the mass of the buyer was growing with the increase of the income. “Until 2000, there was a customer population of 10 thousand people. These people took houses from certain projects. People only worked for life, took retirement bonuses, retirement prizes were taken home, “he said. However, in the following years, the fall in interest rates will open the way for buying a house with credit, Hatipoglu said, which also allows the mortgage system to be passed on. Thus, the buyer recorded 10 billion out of 1 million.

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